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Sujet SvideoControl
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Oh look at that, we're live.

sVideoControl, not the defunct video signal, S stands for Single.

A collection of the native single deck video fx on a pad, the smart thing they can toggle on beat(s)

Pad 1 Boom Auto
Pad 2 Colorize
Pad 3 Negative
Pad 4 Spectral
Pad 5 Shake
Pad 6 Strobe
Pad 7 Vibrate [nothing yet for x64 once we get another fx I'll add it here]

You can pick how fast the fx pulse on and off with param 2
[1/8th 1/4 1/2 1 2 4 8 16 32 beats]
You can pick how many times the switching happens with param 1
[1,2,4,8...all the way to 512]

padshift will stop the pulsing for that one fx.

Pad 8 does 'snap' , I've mentioned it before but when snap is on, it delays toggling an fx until the downbeat of the 32 count.
padshift 8 just kills all video fx running.

Posté Thu 23 Jan 20 @ 4:03 am