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Sujet Resize
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014

Posté Fri 29 May 20 @ 5:16 pm
este efecto no funciona en virtual dj 8.5 64b v5156 en windows 10 hay una version compatible de este efecto para virtual dj ??

Posté Tue 10 Nov 20 @ 11:22 am
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
I think you wanna say current dj 8.5 64b v6156

Be a little more precise :
- what goes wrong
- in which condition (deck/Master/audioonlyvisualisation)
- size of original video / background
- size of dispay / Window
and maybe GPU and Win10 Build

tested here with WIN10 2004 & 20H2
Not any issue detected

It's one the simplest basic video plugin that can be done:
apply top left start point and bottom right point to output video texture using only VDJ internal

all it needs is uptodate VCRUNTIME redistribuable (2019), maybe missing on your system?

Posté Tue 10 Nov 20 @ 3:52 pm
perdon a lo mejor me explique mal el error que arroja es ( Este plugin no parece ser compatible con esta version de VirtualDJ) tengo instalado windows 10, 64 bit, version VirtualDJ es v8.5-64 b6106.. gracias

Posté Wed 18 Nov 20 @ 7:47 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
As issue you have with both LGM-XPANDER and Resize is the same and both are recent and very basic and build for the latest versions of system without any other dependencies all they need is VDJ an uptodate VCRUNTIME (M$ call this "redistribuable" because it does not install automatically with windows but with apps that need it)
As these are just plugins, with no installer there is no installer.
if no other app installed it before, follow link in previous post and install 64bit version (x64 : vc_redist.x64.exe)

Posté Thu 19 Nov 20 @ 1:42 am
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
@Nicotux: You should compile your plugins using "Multi-Threaded /MT" in C++ Code Generation settings.
That way there is no requirement for the vc runtime dll's to be installed.

Posté Thu 19 Nov 20 @ 4:41 am
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
Ok thanks,
uploaded newly compiled this way

Posté Thu 19 Nov 20 @ 5:15 am
cuando estara disponible para mac?

Posté Tue 29 Jun 21 @ 4:38 am
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
For Mac ? When someone else will create one. (not portable, different graphic engines)

A new beta version is available : tester(s) needed
Added 4 sliders for scripting
New beta skin GUI with mouse control over video for positioning
Should be able to run in any fx slots master video deck sampler mic aux and their release
of course not mixfx videosource ou colorfx

Posté Fri 08 Oct 21 @ 5:12 pm
I'm having problems using the resize extention. I can set the size I want and it works fine when I turn resize on and off. However, when I close the program and re-open it the resize feature goes a bit loopy.
After restart if I activate the resize it puts my image half on/half off the screen and the resize feature is frozen. This means I'm unable to resize again.

I then have to uninstall the resize extention and install it again before it works again ...until I close VDJ.

Anyone got any ideas?

Posté Thu 07 Jul 22 @ 5:19 pm
I have now managed to find a work around for this now. thanks

Posté Thu 07 Jul 22 @ 7:38 pm
I thought I had worked this out but it seems that I haven't. Can anyone pls help?
I don't know if the issue is because I'm using the add on with VDJ 2021.

Posté Sun 10 Jul 22 @ 12:54 am