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Sujet TWN-Pan

Posté Fri 04 Dec 20 @ 6:46 am
I noticed that if this effect is only loaded in one deck in one slot, then it will not turn off when you press the ON button on the controller. When I open the Effects dropdown I see that it is still on, i.e. green, and I still hear the FX on the headphone, sometimes only one side. Something still needs to be improved. Seems to work when loaded in both decks. Well, and I also think that you could just as easily load an Auto Pan FX in the master slot ;-)

Posté Sun 06 Dec 20 @ 5:15 am
I also noticed that when I close the program, Virtual DJ does not notice that this FX was loaded the last time it was used.

Posté Sun 06 Dec 20 @ 5:19 am
Not work

Posté Tue 17 May 22 @ 5:31 am