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Sujet Virtual DJ latency issue
Hello, new on this forum, using vdj since 2010 though. Up until now, I have been using it for the occasional party and house djing. Recently I was asked to be a guest on a shoutcast radio show so I bought a cheap 3mm mic and a sound blaster G3 as my laptop has a useless sound card. I have spent weeks trying to figure out how to have direct monitoring of the mic without latency from my headphones that are also connected to the sound card, something very simple and included in open source software such as Mixxx. I checked dozens of posts here but everyone seems to have a much more complicated setup than mine- I just use an external usb sound card, a mic and headphones. What was more disappointing though was that the reply from vdj support was that “there is no such setting”! Essentially, they sent me a link for an audio technica page explaining what latency is! I would find it quite disappointing to pay for the industry standard that vdj is and not have what an open source program already has for ages. Am I missing something? Is it possible that such a basic but important feature might be missing from such a well thought and detailed piece of software? Thanks in advance!

Posté Sat 02 Jan 21 @ 2:45 pm
You've stated in your post that you bought a cheap mic, and that your laptop audio is "useless". You also bought an audio interface designed for gaming - not DJing.

If you had bought the correct type of low latency audio interface designed for DJ use, you would have no need to avoid latency by using direct mic monitoring - the latency would be low enough to avoid that issue.

Posté Sat 02 Jan 21 @ 4:43 pm
But still, vdj is the only piece of software I have a problem with. I use Cubase or even any native Windows applications with no issues really... As part of experimenting, I also used Focusrite Scarlet 2i4 and a Shure SM58 mic. It’s all the same, which rules out the hardware issue. If I am completely wrong and everyone else has zero latency without direct monitoring, I’ll be happy to find out. I can always change the sound card since Creative reassured me in writing it was fit for purpose before buying.

Posté Sat 02 Jan 21 @ 9:16 pm
You mean delay I guess?

IF you are using one sound card for mic input, and other sound card for headphone monitoring, its very likely to be delays... It just takes that little amount of time to "travel" between the cards (with the processing needed)

Why you need to monitor the mic anyways? Usually you dont want to hear your own voice. .
Maybe post a screenshot of your audio settings in VirtualDJ

And hopefully you dont mean shoutcast. You can not monitor mic on shoutcast in real time, there are quite big delays broadcasting to a server, then processed on server and recoded back for listen

Posté Sat 02 Jan 21 @ 9:22 pm
Rune (dj-in-norway) wrote :
Usually you dont want to hear your own voice. .

I would say exactly the opposite.

If you're broadcasting, streaming or even just recording and talking between or over music, then you really should be listening to your voice as well as the music (locally, not from the destination end).

It means you can check that the mic EQ is correct for you voice. It means that you can balance the mic level against the music, so you're not too loud or too quiet.

I'd say it's essential.

A Focusrite interface shouldn't be giving you latency issues. You need to provide more information on exactly what you're doing and how you've got everything connected and routed.

Posté Sat 02 Jan 21 @ 11:39 pm
So here's my latest update. I tried the Shure MVI DAI with a Shure Microphone and Shure Headphones. Well shure (no pan intended) it is a Virtual DJ issue, as this is still the only piece of software that has latency on headphones- tried Mixxx, Cubase and Logic. So, according to Ralf's reply on my request for support: "'I'll send a note to team, but best is to open a related thread here:"

Huge drawback when it comes to broadcasting, if you ask me. I know this is DJ software, but it supports broadcasting, not supporting usual gear for broadcasting though. And no, having an advanced soundcard is not the solution. If Shure MVI does not do the trick, which is MADE for recording and broadcasting, no wonder why a Sound Blaster made for gaming fails in the exact same way. Although they do fail in the same way and they do the job nicely in all other software I have tried (Shure having better quality of sound of course).

I love Virtual DJ and I have been using it for at least a decade. But yes, lack of simple features such as this, NO latency monitoring, really makes me wonder...why?

Posté Tue 05 Jan 21 @ 5:04 pm
I've been broadcasting on Twitch recently with VDJ and had no issues hearing myself.

Again, you need to provide more detailed info on your setup.

Posté Tue 05 Jan 21 @ 5:40 pm
For "NO" (zero) latency monitoring to occur, your soundcard MUST support it. Period.
There's no other way.
An application can call it's features as it likes, but that doesn't mean it's wording is technically correct.
I mean that an application can call "small" latency "zero latency" but that's not going to be accurate.

NO latency means that the sound interface you are using is passing the MIC input directly to it's outputs, without directing it to the computer. For sure it can feed the computer in parallel, but it doesn't "wait" from the computer to send back the sound of the MIC.
There are several CONTROLLERS designed that way, and there are also several audio interfaces too.

Any sound configuration that requires the sound to go from the MIC to the computer, and then back from the computer to the sound interface and then to the speakers/headphones will introduce some latency, no matter what application you're using.

So, the real question here is how much latency your sound configuration introduces and how much latency is acceptable before it starts to get annoying.

Good sound interfaces can typically run at about 5ms input + 2ms processing + 5ms output = 12ms of latency "point to point". Which is quite acceptable even on production stages.
Better interfaces can go as low as 6ms point to point, but those interfaces are pricy and mostly for production studios.

Back on your case:
You should tweak your latency settings in VirtualDJ.
I guess none of your audio interfaces has ASIO drivers.
Therefore open VirtualDJ settings, click on options tab, and search for "latency". Type in a value like 256 and see if latency improves. Try different values to see how low you can go before the soundcards can't cope anymore.
PS: The value you type on latency is samples not ms.
1024 samples on 44.100Hz are 23,22ms latency
512 samples are 11,6ms
256 samples are 5,8ms
128 samples are 2,9ms
64 samples are 1,45ms
Formula: latency (ms) = 1000 x samples / sample rate (Hz)

PS: When you set a value for latency you need to go back to sound setup tab and hit APPLY for the changes to take place

Posté Tue 05 Jan 21 @ 7:40 pm
Thanks guys, will try that. The SHURE MVI does support direct monitoring though, it’s a hardware thing. That’s why it works nicely in all other stuff- will try Phantom’s advice of course... It doesn’t really make sense to have latency with this specific device as it does not rely on software for feedback

Posté Tue 05 Jan 21 @ 9:38 pm
Excuse me for not reading all of the posts, for i am not an expert. I wanted to let people who have the same issues know what a solution may be if you have the same issues with latency and GTX1650.
I had problems with with CPU Throttling (latencymonitor). I have a Legion 5-15ARH05 (Lenovo) with nvidea GTX 1650 - and use virtual DJ and a Denon MC7000.

Go to the NVIDIA configuration settings and adjust the power setting. I have a printscreen in dutch, but i cannot upload it here. But anyway that did the trick for me! Wow, I am so happy. Those guys at NVIDIA have a nice forum and easy to follow steps.

* The settings in VDJ (especially the performance settings) to normal, so do not adjust anything in performance settings. You can adjust them later and test it.

Posté Sun 30 May 21 @ 9:03 am
TVD UKPRO InfinityMember since 2007
Trying that, assume set to maximum performance

Posté Fri 23 Jul 21 @ 4:12 pm
when i use my web cam with VDJ skin the video is laggy. but when im using browser for mixcloud its ok?

Posté Tue 23 Apr 24 @ 9:38 pm