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Sujet tidal music not working
when i go to load tidal music to the deck its giveing me a error messge song request fialed to load

Posté Sat 13 Feb 21 @ 9:31 pm
For all songs?
Or just a random rare few?

Posté Sat 13 Feb 21 @ 9:44 pm
Rune (dj-in-norway) wrote :
For all songs?
Or just a random rare few?

i lost in online music or i canceled, maybe?
TIDAL - folder
how can i bring it back or how can i install it agaib.
Thank you for help!

Posté Wed 03 Mar 21 @ 8:03 pm
If you dont see the Tidal folder, right click the parent "Online Music" folder, and choose "Show: Tidal"

Alternatively if that doesnt do it, in the toolbar to the left side of the browser, click the small dot, and choose "reset root folders"

Posté Wed 03 Mar 21 @ 8:08 pm
When i upload music from online music ‘tidal’ it says download error why, it does it as it pleases sometimes it works sometimes it done. Please help

Posté Thu 26 May 22 @ 8:43 pm
I usually only encounter this if the track is no longer available on Tidal. Sometimes they get removed, and so if you load from a playlist, it will give an error.

You may be able to get around it by relocating the track on Tidal (it might be listed on another album for example) and adding it back to the playlist.

Posté Fri 27 May 22 @ 5:38 pm