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Sujet paypal issue but payment is done
DjAkuAKuControlleristMember since 2016
hello there.
I experience actually a problem with the payment of the infinity license by paypal.
they say the payment by fastprint is done but they say in same time they say the payment fail
the 300$ are paid the license is not active and they don't bring back the money, maybe there's a delay to verify the paiment?
please help.

EDIT: i receive a message who say: the 20 of august, you authorize a payment of 299$ on my credit card xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx if the payment is canceled subsequently, the outstanding amount will not be charged etc...etc...etc...

Posté Fri 20 Aug 21 @ 5:59 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013

Posté Fri 20 Aug 21 @ 6:06 pm
DjAkuAKuControlleristMember since 2016
locodog wrote :

Click "Contact Support"
Click "Contact Us"
only support can deal with billing issues.

Thank you.


Posté Fri 20 Aug 21 @ 6:08 pm
how can i pay?

Posté Thu 22 Sep 22 @ 7:32 am