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Sujet "Midi-Learn-Buton" from Midding-Mapping-Setting-Window into pro-default-skin
to quickly assign controllers on the fly.

Posté Sat 10 Sep 22 @ 2:03 pm
If you mean see it being triggered so you can assign it, it's already part of the mapping screen
If you mean learn which command is needed, it's the magnifying glass on the mapping screen

Posté Sat 10 Sep 22 @ 2:35 pm
Hi. I got this figured out . I just assigned all my shaders to a elgato 15 button streame deck. All in midi. I have mapped midi keyboard back in virtual dj 6. Before they built the new awesome set up. What's your issue and end goal. Midi allows a lot of crazy gear to be used. I went as far as to map a Wii remote plus built a wireless game show with multi button using parts from a video game controlor and solder buttons.

Posté Thu 13 Oct 22 @ 8:53 pm