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Not a cracked demo, I bought AtomixMP3 today...

I posted this onthe Tech Support side, but I'm nto sure when someone would answer. Figuring this thread has a lot more hits, it was worth a shot asking.... so here goes!


I have 2 sound cards. A Maestro and a Yahmaha

With the DEMO I used to be able to open up 2 AtomixMP3 v1.12 set the FIRST to record/play a song, and open a SECOND and just hit PLAY and it would record BOTH #1 & #2 Atomix's

Today I bought AtomixMP3 v1.12, I setup ATOMIX with all options, 1 Sound Card and 2 Sound Cards... I can't record songs from 2 - 1 or 1 - 2.

How come, and how do I fix this please.

Posté Thu 02 Aug 01 @ 5:08 am
OyyoDamsPRO InfinityHonorary memberMember since 2003
Could you mail us at with all your configuration, and explain in more details what is your problem ?


- Dams -

Posté Fri 03 Aug 01 @ 7:42 am
How does hackers crack the demo? I seen some work from Phrozen Crew, did they get the source code some how?


Posté Mon 13 Aug 01 @ 1:56 pm
There is no good crack available. If you find a version with all the features, it must be the official full version.

Posté Mon 13 Aug 01 @ 3:46 pm
i seen a new one which had been updated r something? it made the demo the full version?

Posté Wed 15 Aug 01 @ 3:36 pm

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