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Sujet ShoutCast!

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There is already the capability to use Winamp DSP plugins on each deck individually.

But, if there were the capability to put the sound output (that you'd hear on the speakers) to a DSP plugin, i.e. with BOTH decks, it would be possible to use the Nullsoft Shoutcast plugin for live mixed MP3 streaming Internet Radio!!

That would absolutely RULE, and the code's pretty much already there....

I know not for 1.2 but sometime after that p'haps?

Posté Sun 13 May 01 @ 11:48 pm
dj2nvHome userMember since 2004
Just wait for 1.2
ive heard it might be included.....

DJ Nero

Posté Mon 14 May 01 @ 12:43 pm
I agree Nero.

Months ago, I asked the same question on this forum and the reply was that shoutcast pluggin support would be included in the new version.

I hope that is still the case.

Posté Mon 14 May 01 @ 8:15 pm
or for it to be free : )

been told u can get it if you email


Posté Wed 16 May 01 @ 10:43 am
SalvaPRO InfinityMember since 2003
I had the problem when i was playing music on atomix that the autoleveler was fucking up because mp3's have diferent db outputs.
(and i normelized all of my mp3's to 98%)
So i mailed atomix and the advised me to use the dsp plugin Rocksteady (you can download it at
i only tried it at home and i think that this plugin is the solution
to this problem it seem to be working fine.
i wil let you now when i jused it on my proffesionel sound system in my pub, but i think this is the best solution.

Posté Wed 16 May 01 @ 11:34 pm
get atomixmp3 for FREE just email me for details at :


Posté Thu 17 May 01 @ 6:13 pm
Buddy, if you don't stop posting about Free Atomix, I'm going to find out where you are and break my foot off in your ass.

Thank you.

Posté Fri 18 May 01 @ 2:48 am
get atomixmp3 for FREE just email me for details at :


Posté Fri 18 May 01 @ 5:44 pm
Yan, post anonymous IP's if possible so I can track that fucker down and give him some free BEATINGS

Posté Fri 18 May 01 @ 9:20 pm
Yan-XPRO InfinityHonorary memberMember since 2003
It is a good idea (but i think we will keep ip only for Admin! But if you're ok to help us, just mail me! I will suggest that tonight!)

Posté Fri 18 May 01 @ 11:03 pm
djskeetHome userMember since 2005
yeah - gimme his ip - gotta nice collection FREE vriusses i want to send him... hgheghe... :-)

Posté Fri 18 May 01 @ 11:26 pm
Yeah, definitely

Posté Mon 21 May 01 @ 9:23 am
I'd LOVE to bust up there warez fuckers, my email is, and if you want somebody to trash them I'm the man for the job.

Posté Wed 23 May 01 @ 4:08 am
So what you are trying to say is.. that we can napster songs for free, but we can't do the same for atomixmp3 or microsoft windows?

Well ofcourse i believe that every atomixmp3 owner dj's with his own turntables/cd-decks and has just converted his archives to mp3 so he can 'magic 'em on atomixmp3.. Why? Cause he sucks at the real thing?

Anyway. And i hardly believe that atomixmp3 makers don't play any pirate music on it..

Hint to atomixmp3 team: Make your program to work only under linux.. It'll make the program better + warez lamas probably don't have so much interest in it then. Why don't license it under GNU while your at it :)

Posté Thu 31 May 01 @ 7:39 pm
I want 1200's but I cannot afford them. So I found an alternate. That alternate is Atomixmp3. Also I am a firm believer that anyone with rhythm can learn to match beats on turntables. Practice makes perfect.....remember? Also I can get alot of tracks that I cannot find on vinyl and I don't have to make weekly trips to NYC from upstate every time I want new tracks. Atomixmp3 is not intended to replace the "real thing". Just supplement it. You are very closedminded. The music we mix is very modern.....very electronic. Atomixmp3 is also very modern.....very electronic. A perfect match if you ask me. Don't think you are blowin up just because you can match a beat. I know alot of Dj's that can match beats....Its no big deal. One final note.....I'll bet you are short, skinny,have acne, and only tough on the internet where you don't have to look people in the eye. Come to NY and see how tough u r punk.

Posté Wed 20 Jun 01 @ 6:58 am

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