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You guys might have heard much of this already, but I don't have time to scan through the entire archives.

1) Multiple Cue Points

One just don't cut it. More cues = More fun!

2) Improved non-4/4 bpm algorithm

Maybe let the user define the length of a measure using in/out points to calculate bpm.

3) BPM Rounding

I don't think songs are usually composed with fractional BPM's, and a little feature like this will make manually changing values easier.

4) Built-in Effects

Jet noises, wah's, reverb, and delay or something would be cool, but understandably hard to implement.

5) Looping/Reloop and Stutter

M-M-M-Most CDJ players have this

6) Live scratch/Scratch Simulation/Turntable Stop&Start effects/backwards play

It'd be cool, but good luck getting this in.

7) Windowed Screen

It's sort of invasive to have it mess with your monitor resolution.

8) Equalizer Kills/Switches

9) Microphone Thru

10) $60 USD for a mp3 mixer program?

...and that's all I can think of for now.

An excellent program that's easy to use and powerful indeed. Kudos for an excellent product.

Posté Thu 31 May 01 @ 6:10 am
Most of those features are already there, or coming. Hit the restore button at the top for the windowed mode. Microphone thru, use your windows mixer for that!
As for the other stuff, it's coming. Be patient!

Posté Sun 10 Jun 01 @ 9:49 pm

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