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i'm Tango Argentino DJ. this kind of music DOES NOT REQUIRE TO BE MIXED (CROSS FADED) so why do not allow to set the mix length to for example to -2sec, so the music does not overlap! only the automatic mixing of playlist, is essential for me. I hope this possibility will be included in the next version of Atomix.


Posté Tue 05 Jun 01 @ 9:08 pm
Because Atomix is a mixing program! Winamp, Windows Media Player, or any other mp3 player that supports playlists should do what you require.

Posté Tue 05 Jun 01 @ 9:59 pm
I agree with the requirement for flexible mix length. Atomixmp3 is a mixing program and should be used for mixing all styles of music. Offering the use of other mp3 players is not a very good response for lack of functionality.

Posté Wed 06 Jun 01 @ 7:43 am
You are completely correct about atomix being a mixing program... but to take the mix length, and make it null.. then just use the automix feature, you might as well be using winamp, because you are not mixing. Why use a mixing program to play a song list. This is not an incomplete program... this is a user who has the wrong software for what they are trying to accomplish.

Posté Wed 06 Jun 01 @ 8:53 am
Beeing able to set the mix lenght really is something that should be included. If you let it automix, it often cuts off large parts of the song.

Posté Wed 06 Jun 01 @ 4:12 pm
If you know a playlister with a monitor capability.... i don't remember how my thousand of song are, so i NEED to listen to it BEFORE to put it on the air... I didn't find ANY playlister with the monitor function. Atomix (or others mixer software) allow this.


Posté Thu 07 Jun 01 @ 12:38 pm
Maurillo - I suggest that if you are monitoring each track just before playing it, then use Atomix - but not it playlist mode. Use the normal File window mode to select the tracks from, monitor your next track, then if you are not interested in beatmixing, just keep the crossfader in the middle and use the space bar to start the next track manually at the end of the first track. - Or use the crossfader as well if you wish.

Mr Anon above - you CAN already adjust the mix length for automatic mixing - by clicking on the mix length option in the options screen. Maurillo was asking for his next tune to start 2 seconds after the first had ended - which is not really a function for a true mixing program like this.

P.S. - please will all people login before posting, it makes it so much easier for us to answer you directly, rather than one of the other Anon's on the pages - also, you can see at a glance where there are new posts since your last visit to the forum - I can't understand anyone not wanting to login ???

Posté Fri 08 Jun 01 @ 8:02 pm

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