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it would be better if the bpm always matched perfectly rather than being slightly out,that makes it sound a bit crap

Posté Wed 20 Jun 01 @ 5:47 pm
As a DJ it's your job to deal with that man... if it sounds like crap...get the beat back on. End of story.

Posté Wed 20 Jun 01 @ 8:02 pm
sketchPRO InfinityMember since 2003
I actually find sometimes you need to put the beat out a bit, as the phases of the two beats collide, this sorts it right out. Also does'nt atomix mix do enough, in comparision to vinyl of course.


Posté Thu 21 Jun 01 @ 1:44 am
If you can't do it yourself, automatic is useless. You need to be able to compensate for a song where automatics fail.

Of course it would be better if the ABM was perfect. Then you could hit Automix all the time, or even just fill up a playlist and go dance in the crowd. But then you wouldn't be a DJ, you'd simply be a playlist editor.

Posté Thu 21 Jun 01 @ 3:39 am

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