Hardware Manuals

Native Instruments - Kontrol Z1 - Disposition  


  1. CROSSFADER: Blends audio between the left and right channels/decks.

  2. VOLUME: Adjust the output volume of each deck

  3. FILTER: Press this button to activate resonance filter for this channels sound

  4. FILTER KNOB: Turn this knob to adjust the amount of resonance filter applied on this channels sound. Middle position is off (pass through), turning left applies a low-pass filter, turning right applies a high-pass filter.

  5. EQ LOW: Adjusts the low (bass) frequencies of the corresponding deck.

  6. EQ MID: Adjusts the middle (mid) frequencies of the corresponding deck

  7. EQ HI: Adjusts the high (treble) frequencies of the corresponding deck.

  8. GAIN: Adjust the Gain (Trim) of the corresponding deck.

  9. MASTER VOLUME: Adjust the level of the Master Output.

  10. HEAPHONES VOLUME: Adjusts the Headphones (CUE) Output Volume

  11. HEADPHONES MIX: Adjusts the mixing between CUE and MASTER output sound output on your headphones. All the way to the left is CUE sound output only, all the way to the right is MASTER sound output only

  12. PFL: Press this button to send this channel's pre-fader signal to the Cue Channel for monitoring. When engaged, the button will be lit.

  13. MODE: Operates as a SHIFT button, allowing you to access auxiliary commands on supported buttons/knobs

  14. VU METER: Displays the intensity of master volume output