Hardware Manuals

Numark - Mixtrack 3 - Disposition  


  1. Crossfader: Controls the blend between the two decks.

  2. Volume: Adjusts the volume of the individual channels in the software.

  3. PFL: Sends pre-fader audio to the Cue Channel for headphone monitoring.

  4. Filter: Adjusts the amount of the filter effect. Turning the knob left will produce a Low Pass Filter and right will produce a High Pass Filter.

  5. EQ Low: Controls the bass frequencies for the individual channels.

  6. EQ Mid: Controls the mid range frequencies for the individual channels.

  7. EQ High: Controls the treble frequencies for the individual channels.

  8. Master Volume: Adjusts the master volume in the software.

  9. Headphones Mix: Adjusts the software’s audio output to the headphones, mixing between the cue output and the master mix output.

  10. Headphones Volume: Adjusts the volume for headphone cueing in the software.