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 DJ-Tech 4MIX

VirtualDJ LE V7 included


The DJ-Tech 4MIX 4-Channel Controller features a built-in audio interface and control of up to 4 virtual decks. The 4MIX features a familiar 4-channel mixer layout with all 4 channel level faders conveniently present. There are 12 rubber assignment buttons for hot-starts, sample triggering, loop setting and more. The 4MIX features a 1/4" microphone input, 1/4" headphone output and booth and master outputs via RCA connections. The 4MIX is USB powered and includes Virtual DJ LE software.

VirtualDJ LE V7 included


The Dragon Two is DJ Tech Pro's newest digital DJ controller with integrated sound card and analog mixer with 4-Deck Control in Virtual DJ. The Dragon Two can be switched between 2-deck and 4-deck modes with the included Virtual DJ LE software. While in 4-deck mode, the Dragon Two provides seamless integration with Virtual DJ LE's 4-deck mode. The unit features a familiar 2-platter layout, LED lighting around the EQ controls and jog wheels, it provides simple visual cues to mix 4 decks seamlessly. 2-Deck Controller and Analog Mixer with Filter: Under the 2-deck mode, you can mix the digital audio from your DJ software and external analog audio inputs. The complete built-in mixer provides an analog filter for each channel. DVS Enabled 4-In/ 4-out Audio Interface.
 DJ-Tech I-MIX


All what you need: Dj-Tech i-Mix and your Computer. I-Mix is a DJ software controller with a high quality soundcard built-in. Control your favorite DJ software and plug your headphones and Microphone. Thanks to the low latency ASIO DRIVER to drive your performance with simplicity and efficiently. i-Mix features 2 high definition Jog wheels and an adjustable Crossfade curve.

VirtualDJ LE V7 included


The DJ-Tech Reloaded features a 4-in/4-out USB sound card with headphone monitoring, and ASIO drivers provide pristine audio quality without latency. Effortlessly toggle between decks while simultaneously controlling EQ level and effects parameters. The large high-resolution wheels are touch sensitive and ideal for cuing, scratching, title searching and more. Additional features include 3 Hot Cues per deck, adjustable fader curve and comfortable rubber knobs for an easy grip. All-in-one control surface with an integrated sound card Low latency 4-in/4-out sound card Allows 4 deck control with the included Virtual DJ LE software Reloaded also allows the user to directly trigger samples thus allowing up to 6 decks real-time control.


he i-Mix Reload MK II includes a 4-in/4-out soundcard which allows the DJ to plug the MIDI controller directly into a club's PA system. The i-Mix Reload MK II features a solid ABS casing and 2 adjustable, touch-sensitive, high resolution jog wheels for pitch-bending or scratching. The unit also features a number of knobs, buttons, and faders which can be customized to map directly to any digital DJ software. With an integrated soundcard, plenty of buttons, knobs, and faders, the i-Mix Reload MK II is ready for any DJ.

VirtualDJ LE V7 included


The myScratch has a classic 2-deck layout with 4 multi-purpose rubber buttons per deck. The highly responsive rubber buttons provide direct access to loop, hot cues, and samples. High Quality Material and Build Quality. All the parts are housed in a lightweight, yet sturdy high density plastic case with a glossy finish. For extended durability and secure grip for DJs, the myScratch provides rubber coating for all knobs and jog wheels.


The DJ-Tech i-Mix Reload has been designed to enable mobile DJs as well as club & studio DJs to mix digital music. Broad enough in size to allow DJs to mix with unrivalled ease and precision, it is also compact enough to follow users to any event. For live mixing and seamless integration with the DJ's professional environment, the DJ Console i-Mix Reload features a solid ABS casing and 2 metal jog wheels. Perfect stability and guaranteed excellent scratch performance and real vinyl feeling.
Deck controllers (cd player/turntable)
 DJ-Tech CDJ-101


The CDJ-101 has been designed with the standard CDJ player in mind. The unit includes a pitch fader, play button, cue button and a navigation encoder knob, which will allow for easy selection of tracks in your software.


The Kontrol One is a professional USB MIDI DJ controller designed to work for the most demanding of digital DJs. The modular unit provides full control over not only basic transport functions, but also more advanced features such as loop size, filters, effects, hot cues, and samples. The Kontrol One also features a selectable rotary switch which allows the user to select between decks. This unique feature allows the user to assign a single Kontrol One to up to four decks in the digital DJ software. Four Kontrol One's can also be linked together via a USB hub to provide direct control over each of the four virtual decks as well. With full MIDI customization, touch sensitive jog wheel, and deck assign switch, the Kontrol One has all the features needed by any digital DJ.
 DJ-Tech VVT-101


The VTT-101 has been designed specifically for scratch DJs. With the large, touch-sensitive jog wheel, smooth pitch-fader, and ergonomically placed crossfader, the scratch DJ has access to all basic functions.Small, compact, and easily expandable, the VTT-101 is the perfect addition to any digital setup.
Mini Mixers
 DJ-Tech MIX-101


The MIX-101 seeks to integrate mixer and transport controls directly into one device. Divided into two channels, the MIX-101 contains a jog wheel, navigation encoders, and buttons that can be assigned for cue points, loops, or samples. With a compact form factor and full customization options, the MIX-101 is the perfect solution not only for digital DJs, but also producers who are looking for additional control in their studio environment.

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