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Une nouvelle frontière dans le Djing

VirtualDJ uses advanced AI technology to separate any song into a multi-track, during the mix, in real-time. Allowing DJs to adjust on the fly the components of their tracks (vocals, instruments, kicks, hi hats, etc) to create new mash-ups, remixes and transitions. This opens the door to whole new ways of mixing that were simply not possible before, and will forever change the way DJs mix.



VirtualDJ first introduced real-time stems separation back in 2020, and started this revolution of DJing. Since then, the hardware market kept evolving, opening up new possibilities of what can be reasonably done with consumer laptops. Today, VirtualDJ 2023 uses our latest Stems 2.0 engine, that offers the best quality in the market for stem separation, with incredible clarity on acapellas!


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Our Stems 2.0 engine gives you extraordinary clarity in acapellas. By isolating the vocals-only part of the song the DJ can be creative in whole new ways. All easily accessible using the stems performance pads for instant isolation, or gradually isolate the vocals using stems on EQ option.


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Our Stems 2.0 engine can as easily remove the vocals and play only the insturmental parts of any song. Additionally you can isolate or remove just parts of the instrumental, such as drums, bass, hi-hat and melody. Get creative in whole new ways. The possibilities are endless!

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David Guetta

Virtual DJ stem separation - and the way it’s implemented - is very impressive! The technology behind the concept is some of the best we’ve heard

Just, wow... amazing real-time stems mixing! Mash-ups & remixes on the fly thanks to a killer new feature. VirtualDJ characteristically ahead of the game,

The day DJing changed. There is no two ways about it; this technology is pretty bloody magical! Music source splitting just changed everything!

Takes the DJing software to new heights! Separate stems on individual tracks. For a DJ looking to take your sets to next level, VirutalDJ has everything you need...


Acapella instantanée et instrumentale

Cette nouvelle technologie donne au DJ un accès instantané à l'acapella et instrumentale sur n'importe quelle chanson, en direct pendant le mix ! La séparation des stems en temps réel vous permet de supprimer ou d'isoler facilement des parties du morceau.

Mashups à la volée

Mixez et remixez des chansons en direct à la volée. Mettez les vois d'une chanson sur les rythmes d'une autre chanson et explorez de nouvelles façons de mixer vos pistes auparavant impossibles.

Transitions Fluides

La séparation des stems directement sur les égaliseurs permet au DJ de faire une transition transparente de toute nouvelles manières, permettant au DJ d'affiner différents éléments des chansons en direct dans le mix.

Powerful with ease of use

Access and manipulate individual stems easily

Séparez les éléments des pistes en temps réel, facilement du logiciel ou du matériel
Utilisez les stems comme un égaliseur moderne pour affiner tous les éléments de vos pistes et réaliser des transitions fluides.
Ou utilisez-les comme des pads de performance pour isoler ou supprimer instantanément n'importe quel élément de la chanson.

Égaliseurs Moderne

With VirtualDJ the DJ has new ways of equalizing the songs. Using ModernEQ the DJ can achieve a much more accurate separation than traditional frequency-based equalizers and achieve perfect transitions like never before.

Works with any controller or mixer with midi knobs. Getting started with stem separation is as easy as connecting your DJ gear!

Isolation instantanée du stem

Les nouveaux pads de performance Stem vous permettrons de créer facilement des mash-ups et des remix en direct et en temps réel, ils laisseront libre choix à votre créativité. L'isolement instantané des stems ouvre la porte à de nouvelles méthodes de mixage qui n'étaient tout simplement pas possibles auparavant, et changeront à jamais la façon dont les DJ mixent.

Fonctionne avec tous les contrôleurs déjà existants avec des pads midi.

Unlimited Stems FX

Apply audio effects, loop or scratch a single stem

VirtualDJ lets you use unlimited audio effects to a single stem or more stems. Apply echo out to vocals only, add beat grid to drums only and more. Scratch the vocal parts only or loop the rhythm section only. There are several ready-to-use performance pads with stems fx available to add in Extensions. Get creative in whole new ways and make smooth transitions not possible before.

Ummet Ozcan

Fastest processing speed

For more battery life, less heat, and more overall stability

Full Quality

30x speed

In addition to delivering the best sound quality in the market, our stems separation has been carefully optimized to also be the fastest.

Stem separation speed on a typical PC gamer laptop with Nvidia RTX is 30x (that means 2s to split 1mn of song), and 20x on a new M1 Mac.

Full Speed

700x speed

But our stems separation can also be run in Fast mode, with a reduced (but still impressive) quality, to save even more on resources, or to run on older hardware.

With then just 0.08s to split 1mn of song on a PC gamer laptop, this is by far the fastest stem separation on the market.

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