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 How can i get an Early Access or a Beta build

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Q: How can i get an Early Access or a Beta build ?

There are several stages prior a public release of a VirtualDJ build:
  • The Development Team delivers a new software build with improvements and additions, to a small internal team to perform the first Alpha tests .
  • A Beta build is next provided to a larger team of Beta testers to continue with more extensive tests on various Hardware systems (Operating Systems, computer hardware, professional dj gear etc).
  • Once we secure performance and stability, the beta build becomes Early Access and is provided to an even larger base of testers.
  • The Early Access build becomes a public released build a few days later, if no issues are found during the previous stages.

At which one of the previously mentioned stage can i participate ?

  • Alpha test is done among the employees of Atomix Productions only.
  • Beta-testers are normally selected from active VirtualDJ users by Atomix Productions. Active users with a Pro Infinity License and a good knowledge of VirtualDJ who we think will make good beta testers are normally selected.
  • Any VirtualDJ user (even the ones that have not purchased a License) can test the Early Access build. If you wish to contribute with further testing or anxious to get the new features and improvements prior the final release, you will need to set the setting earlyAccessUpdates to Yes (from the Settings->OPTIONS tab of VirtualDJ - Make sure the Advanced Options is enabled)
  • Public released builds are available online to all VirtualDJ users.

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