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 My VirtualDJ keeps crashing or my computer keeps freezing

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Q: My computer keeps crashing or freezing. What i can do ?

While VirtualDJ has been developed to be as reliable and flawless as possible, no software application can be 100% free from errors.

For the vast majority of users, VirtualDJ is a very stable software and a crash is a very rare occurrence (Many users may never experience one.)

There are many different factors that could be causing the crash*.

Please check the following:

  • You have the latest version of VirtualDJ installed.

    NOTE: If you are using an illegal pirate version of the software, then this is most likely the reason why you are having so many problems. Please perform a clean un-install and then install and try the latest VirtualDJ Home FREE. If you like the software, please support it and its future development by purchasing a License.

  • You have the latest drivers, firmware and BIOS installed on your computer. You can download these from the manufacturer's website. Make sure that you also have the latest drivers and firmware installed for any hardware that you are using such as MIDI controllers, sound cards, etc.

  • Please ensure that your computer has adequate ventilation and the cooling fans are still operational.

  • Have you installed and are you using any custom skins, effects or video plugins? If so, then one of these may be responsible, especially if it is an plugin designed for an older version of VirtualDJ.

  • If you are using a custom skin, please try using the default VirtualDJ skins only.

  • Check your computer for any performance issues.

  • Try to delete the settings.xml from /MyDocuments/VirtualDJ folder (will reset the software to its factory settings) and restart VirtualDJ.

  • Try performing a clean re-installation of the software.

*Note: When a crash occurs in VirtualDJ, the software will auto-restart and at the same time, it will automatically send the Crash report to our servers (if the computer is connected to the Internet by that time) for the Development Team to resolve.


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