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 Skin Default Icons

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Skin SDK: the Default Icons

Below is a full explanation of each VirtualDJ default Icon and the available sysicon names.

The default Icons of VirtualDJ can be downloaded from ....
Browser Icons Download - right-click and save as

Default VirtualDJ Icons

Row/ColDescriptionsyicon Action
A1 Audio File N/A
A2 Video File N/A
A3 Karaoke File N/A
A4 Sample File N/A
A5 Played Flag overlay N/A
A6 Not present (missing) File N/A
A7 Content Unlimited File N/A
A8 Netsearch File N/A
A9 Offline Cached File N/A
A10 VDJ Edit File N/A
A11 New (in database) File N/A
A12 Online Search Result N/A
A13 Online Search Local Result N/A
A14 Stems Pre-computed File N/A
A15 CloudDrive File N/A
A16 N/A N/A

B1 Folders List - Desktop N/A
B2 Folders List - My Computer N/A
B3 Folders List - My Music folder N/A
B4 Folders List - My Videos folder N/A
B5 Folders List - Sampler Folder N/A
B6 Folders List - Online Music folder N/A
B7 Folders List - Cloud Lists folder N/A
B8 Folders List - History folder N/A
B9 Folders List - Lists N/A
B10 Folders List - Genius DJ N/A
B11 Folders List - Serato Crates folder N/A
B12 Folders List - iTunes folder N/A
B13 Folders List - Shazam (deprecated) N/A
B14 Folders List - Ask The DJ N/A
B15 Folders List - Ideas N/A
B16 Folders List - Playlists folder N/A

C1 Folders List - Files folder N/A
C2 Folders List - Favorite folder N/A
C3 Folders List - Virtual folder N/A
C4 Folders List - Filters folder N/A
C5 Folders List - Filters sub-folder (group) N/A
C6 Folders List - Playlists folder N/A
C7 Folders List - Sampler Bank N/A
C8 Folders List - Loaded Sampler Bank N/A
C9 Folders List - CU Audio folder N/A
C10 Folders List - CU Karaoke folder N/A
C11 Folders List - CU Video folder N/A
C12 Folders List - CU Plugin N/A
C13 Folders List - CU Cache (offline) folder N/A
C14 Folders List - CU Downloads N/A
C15 Folders List - CU Expired N/A
C16 Folders List - History Date folder N/A

D1 Folders List - Cloud User (deprecated) N/A
D2 Folders List - Cloud List N/A
D3 Folders List - Private Cloud List (deprecated) N/A
D4 Folders List - Serato Crate N/A
D5 Folders List - ITunes Playlist N/A
D6 Folders List - Hard Drive N/A
D7 Folders List - CD Drive (deprecated) N/A
D8 Folders List - Sampler Recordings Folder N/A
D9 Folders List -Samples Folder N/A
D10 Folders List - Samples Set (zip) N/A
D11 Folders List - SoundCloud N/A
D12 Folders List - Deezer Folder N/A
D13 Folders List - Beatport folder N/A
D14 Folders List - Beatsource folder N/A
D15 Folders List - Tidal folder N/A
D16 Folders List - Filter Folder N/A

E1 Browser - Plus (expand sub-folders) N/A
E2 Browser - Minus (collapse sub-folders) N/A
E3 N/A N/A
E4 N/A N/A
E5 Browser - Search Icon search
E6 Browser - Prelisten/Headphones Icon headphones
E7 Browser - Clear Edit Icon N/A
E8 Browser - Rating (star) Icon N/A
E9 Browser - Sort Down arrowup
E10 Browser - Sort Up arrowdown
E11 Browser - Sidelist Background N/A
E12 Browser - Add Shortcut N/A
E13 Config (Settings) settings
E14 Left Arrow arrowleft | sampler_bank -1 | sampler_mode -1
E15 Right Arrow arrowright | sampler_bank +1 | sampler_mode +1
E16 N/A N/A

F1 to F7 N/A N/A
F8 Info/Question icon browser_options 'le'
F9 Check icon N/A
F10 N/A N/A
F11 CloudDrive folder N/A
F12 Stems folder N/A
F13 Stems Prepared folder N/A
F14 CDJ Export Root folder N/A
F15 CDJ Export Drive N/A
F16 Cover Stems N/A

G1 Browser button - Add Favorite Folder add_favoritefolder
G2 Browser button - Add Virtual Folder add_virtualfolder
G3 Browser button - Add Filter Folder add_filterfolder
G4 Browser button - Previous folder (Back) goto_last_folder
G5 Browser button - Grid View grid_view
G6 Browser button - Show Side View window show_splitpanel 'sideview'
G7 Browser button - Show Info Browser window show_splitpanel 'info'
G8 Browser button - Show FX Browser window show_splitpanel 'effects'
G9 Browser button - Show/Hide Audio files (Filter) view_options 'showmusic'
G10 Browser button - Show/Hide Video files (Filter) view_options 'showvideo'
G11 Browser button - Show/Hide Karaoke files (Filter) view_options 'showkaraoke'
G12 Browser button - Browser Font reduce font_size -
G13 Browser button - Browser Font increase font_size +
G14 Browser button - Pin (Dock) FX GUI effect_dock_gui
G15 Browser button - Close FX GUI effect_show_gui
G16 Browser button - Browser Zoom View browser_zoom

H1 Browser button - Sideview Automix sideview 'automix'
H2 Browser button - Sideview Sidelist sideview 'sidelist'
H3 Browser button - Sideview Sampler sideview 'sampler'
H4 Browser button - Sideview Karaoke sideview 'karaoke'
H5 Browser button - Sideview Clone (Shortcuts) sideview 'clone'
H6 Browser button - Sideview Custom N/A
H7 Browser button - Sideview Remixes sideview 'remixes'
H8 Browser button - Quick Filter quick_filter
H9 Browser button - Automix On/Off automix
H10 Browser button - Karaoke On/Off karaoke
H11 Browser button - Sampler Bank sampler_bank
H12 Browser button - Sampler Triger pad view sideview_triggerpad
H13 Browser button - Sampler trigger mode On/Off sampler_mode 'on/off' or sampler_mode
H14 Browser button - Sampler trigger mode Hold sampler_mode 'hold' or sampler_mode
H15 Browser button - Sampler trigger mode Stutter sampler_mode 'stutter' or sampler_mode
H16 Browser button - Sampler trigger mode Unmute sampler_mode 'unmute' or sampler_mode

I 1Sampler Drop Sample sampler_drop
I 2Sampler Loop Sample sampler_loop
I 3Sampler Mic Record Sample sampler_mic
I 4Chevron-Arrow Up chevronup
I 5Chevron-Arrow Down chevrondown
I 6Chevron-Arrow Left chevronleft
I 7Chevron-Arrow Right chevronright
I 8Minimize minimize
I 9Maximize maximize
I 10Fullscreen Maximize maximize
I 11Windowed Maximize maximize
I 12Close close
I 13Pause-Stop N/A
I 14Stop stop | stop_button
I 15Play-Pause play_pause
I 16Play-Stutter play

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