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 VirtualDJ8 SoundCards


Supported Sound Cards in VirtualDJ

Nearly every sound card (USB or PCI) will work with VirtualDJ using Master & Headphones or an External Mixer audio configuration, as long as their Channels are unlocked from their Drivers, on both Windows and Mac OSX.

The following sound cards, have pre-defined audio configuration and a special configuration button in the AUDIO tab of VirtualDJ's Settings to offer one-click audio routing.

  • Denon DS1
  • ESI Maya 44 USB
  • Hercules DeeJay Trim
  • M-Audio Conectiv
  • Audio 2 DJ
  • Audio 4 DJ
  • Audio 8 DJ
  • Audio Kontrol 1
  • Traktor Audio 10
  • Traktor Audio 2 MKII
  • Traktor Audio 2
  • Traktor Audio 6
  • Numark DJIO
  • Numark DJIO2
  • Rane SL2
  • Rane SL3
  • Rane SL4

Some of the natively supported sound cards offer pre-defined audio configuration with External mixer (deck 1, deck 2, etc), Master & Headphones or even Timecode Inputs. The selected configuration is based on the most common usage and the nature of the sound card itself, but it can be manually changed to fit your own setup.

An audio interface (for studio) may add a great audio quality to your DJ setup, going beyond any DJ hardware available. VirtualDJ allow you to use several audio options at once. You can use any DJ controller with any studio audio interface to get the best audio with VirtualDJ.

Read more about Audio Setup in our online manual

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