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Ive been a dj well over 35 years, and love new tech,

I've been using the denon 500 mixer and DN-HC4500 controll basically since they came out,

I love the gear but its rather bulky to haul and load and things went away from rack mount and to desktop mount or whatever you call it and limited space to set up gear at clubs,

So i grabbed a dj 2 go little mixer and have done a couple shows, i run it with dj io so i have mic and headphones,
The dj 2 go works okay i can get past it feeling cheap but i really dont like the layout, Things all close together,

I mostly spin alternative of some sort so i dont scratch,
But do beat mix a fair amount,

I thought the numark party mix might have been an option i like the platters up higher and the sync, cue, start buttons large and at the bottom,
But the party mix has no mic imput if you can believe that so thats a dead end,

Anyone have a suggestion for me on controllers to check out,

I desire built in sound card
Nice botton layout
Mic and headphone jacks
Platters not too big or in the way

Thanks all


Posté Thu 11 Jan 18 @ 11:21 pm

Posté Fri 12 Jan 18 @ 2:05 am
Way back when it came out my old denon stuff wasnt considered low end or "cheap" but okay, it is obsolete now,

Budget is what ever ( within reason ) but i dont want to buy flash or features i just dont need just to try to look cool

I can do a show and draw over 1000 people and likely not one cares what gear im using they care what im playing,



Posté Fri 12 Jan 18 @ 6:24 am
Not exactly budget, but, checkout the Denon MC6000 MkII. It's a very popular controller, it's width is rackmount size 19". I've used mine for over 18 months and still have the MkI that I used for over 5 years before that. I like the idea that it is self contained with 2 excellent microphone channels which also have echo built in, handy for karaoke singers.

It's also natively supported by VDJ8 (ignore the Serato branding).


Posté Fri 12 Jan 18 @ 6:54 am
The13bats wrote :
Way back when it came out my old denon stuff wasnt considered low end or "cheap" ...

I still don't think it is
For quality of controllers I personally rank the major brands like this:
- Denon (I've used my MC3000 more than any other controller, and is's a tank that can't get killed)
- Numark high end (like Ns6x, NS7x)
- Reloop high end (like the Terminal Mix series)
- Pioneer (the only brand I've had where a controller actually totally died on me, and most of the inside of it needed replacement)

If you do like Denon, and just want to step it up compared to the DJ2GO I would suggest the Denon DJ MC4000
That's the cheapest current controller.
I would say that it's a mid-level controller (they don't make entry level models like the MC2000 anymore), and I think it will serve you well
DDJT review:

Posté Fri 12 Jan 18 @ 8:32 am
bagpussPRO InfinityMember since 2003

I would still opt for the Denon MC7000 as a fully fledged mid sized controller, you may not use all of the features from day 1 but the possibility to grow on this controller is there.

Posté Fri 12 Jan 18 @ 10:51 am
Are you scratching heavy?

Posté Fri 12 Jan 18 @ 1:03 pm
The inexpensive I was referring to is dj2go and numark party mix

I think you need to consider what type of DJ you are and then decide what features you require. Then find a place where you can get some hands on time with the units you think can fill your needs. I think this will be the only way to get what you really need.

Good luck.

Posté Fri 12 Jan 18 @ 1:05 pm

Posté Fri 12 Jan 18 @ 2:46 pm
You still have not said what your budget is for this controller, what's the maximum you are prepared to spend? Yes, most of us can rock the house with the DJ2GO2, but don't. I don't care how I look, but if I want to be able to do something, I don't want to be limited by my controller. Just because you don't use a feature now, you may in the future. As you have found out with the DJ2GO2, it's cute, but very limited in what you can do, and how you can do it. I loved the Denon MC6000, (I have 3, 2 for parts) but the buttons failed, and would not get the MKII because of that, (they also took away some features). I also wanted to get away from the mirrored layout, I want both players to be the same. I also hate power adapters with a passion, and try to avoid them when possible. So I use the Pioneer SR2 in the club, (upgraded from the SB2 which is a backup), and the Numark DJ2GO2 as a backup.

Guys he said in his post that he does not scratch, and wants to get away from rackmount.

Posté Fri 12 Jan 18 @ 8:47 pm
thanks one and all tone gets lost in type and we all know some djs seem to have something to prove,

I surely do not want to offend anyone, and have zero to prove,

What type dj am i?

Im 53 and got my start at 13 at a skating ring, then around 80 i started doing punk, i got lucky got involved with my partner and got a club and we booked,almost all the 80s alternative bands, we would get 1000 people 3 nights a week
We sold that club in the mid 90s but im still doing guest shows or running nights at other club owners venues,

I spin 80s, goth, industrial, alternative, rock, i do not do much or any rap, hip hop or country, no itches so i dont scratch, lol
I do stuff like car shows and bike weeks too,

I happen to have a show this sunday that will draw 400 to 1000 and i will just use the cheap little toy dj2go because i can, i dont feel like lugging the big denon stuff when i have zero clue the booth space,

But it looks like im gonna be doing lots of shows in 2018 and that little toy dj2go will not hack it,

A couple of you posted gear with nice layouts,that i will take a closer look at, im not locked into denon and love feedback that warns me of junk,

Why is budget important?
I tried to be modest before but to be blunt i buy whatever i want, and dont need to ask the price,

I also will not pay for stuff wasting money i know after all these years i will not use,

I liked how on the old denon 500 mixer you could swap out faders easy o, even while live,
I like the wide xfader
So much of the new stuff feels almost or just as cheap as the dj2go to me, bummer

Many thanks all!

Posté Fri 12 Jan 18 @ 9:47 pm
Why not take a look at the list of supported controllers, then come back here and tell us what caught your eye & why...

Then maybe we could guide you in the right direction a little easier.

Posté Fri 12 Jan 18 @ 11:12 pm

The reason for not doing that is just because its listed it works on vdj doesnt mean a bunch of people have used it or like it,
I like the way the party dj controller is laid out but its a toy like my dj2go, so looks only goes so far,

I looked at a few top controller lists for 2017 on google and some will leave out units that score high on the next list,

A couple cats posted ones in this tgread they like and i plan to check out,

What do you use?


Posté Sat 13 Jan 18 @ 12:02 am
I use an American Audio VMS4.1. Now there is a certain snobbery on here that will laugh at that controller and say its junk. I dont agree, but hey ho.....
Now, when I bought it my level of what it could do was as basic as it many knobs, buttons and functions.....I thought it was all a bit over the top.....But now, after using it for 2 years....well i think its gone the other way, it is to basic and does not fulfil my abilities, I need more control and I am now looking to add external pads etc.

This is what happens, you think you need basic, but as your skill and imagination take over, you need the equipment to grow with you.

Imagine it this way, you want a car to do a track day....soon you will explore the limit of this car (even though it seemed powerful at the start) Now you need a more powerful car....and so skill/ability increase you need ever more pro equipment.

So to sum up....Buy something powerful as you will grow into it in time given desire, drive and ambition.

Posté Sat 13 Jan 18 @ 12:36 am

In all due respects i believe what is being missed by some in this thread is how long i have been a professional dj and for example i used about 15% of what my old denon gear could do,

Im not a flash or show off dj, i learned beat mixing with records over 3 decades ago, no computer to tell us it was on the money, and i still mix that way, if i ever scratched my patrons would boo unless they knew i was joking and having a bit of fun,

The formats i play not a lot gets mixed,
I do play with the old synth pop type stuff and try to segue mix when possible but again with the formats i play it would ruin some songs to beat mix them, timing is everything,

Please tell me things that you feel like you are growing past your controllers ability,
Im open minded to see if i am missing something,



Posté Sat 13 Jan 18 @ 2:00 am
So you have been a professional DJ for a long time, just like most of us. However, you are not up to speed on a lot of the new equipment, that's why you came here and asked for help. Since money is no object for you, I would recommend the Pioneer SZ2.. It has all of the bells and whistles, even though you said you won't use them. How do you know what you won't use? We can come back to that later.

The reason I listed this is because it has 2 dedicated mics, it has multiple inputs (when you are at one of these shows, and singer or photographer needs your help). The layout is big enough to move around like 2 turntables and a mixer. It works with VirtualDJ, and a big plus for me is, it does not have one of those mutha%#&*@^% ac adapters.

I am not a scratcher either, but know that I learn something new everyday. You don't have to use the sunroof, but it came with all of the other options that you wanted. Plus it will have a higher resale value.

I don't know if someone rubbed you the wrong way here, but I did not see it. You asked for help, and we have all tried to guide you in the right direction. We don't know you, only what you post. We are all different, but we know what we are talking about. So take some time and ask some questions about a controller you have in mind.

Now I know some will not like what I have to say, but I can only go by what I have seen. We all have our opinions, and I would not recommend the American Audio VMS series. They may have improved over the years, but I remember a lot of complaints.

Posté Sat 13 Jan 18 @ 7:50 am
938MyDJPRO InfinityMember since 2007
From what you’ve mentioned, even the old controllers that are 5 yrs and older will seve your needs...

Numark NS6
Vestax VCI-400
Denon MC6000
Pioneer DDJ-SX

All of the above have new versions already but it’s a waste of money to pay for functions/features that you don’t need for your style.

Used price from the above might be 300 to 600.

Goodluck on your hunt!!!

Posté Sat 13 Jan 18 @ 7:53 am
A Man and His Music wrote :
Pioneer SZ2

Good choice. I have a Pioneer RZ (basically the same thing but designed for Rekordbox) and a Pioneer SX2.

I too am an 'old skool' DJ who started in the 70s when vinyl was the only format, on decks with no pitch controls and mixers with no EQ. Even though the SX2 and RZ are 'fully loaded' controllers, most of the time I DJ the same way as I did in the 70s, by playing one track after another. No effects, no fancy transitions, no loops or samples.

Yes I can do that if the gig requires it or the mood takes me, but IMO/E people just want to hear the tracks as they know them, without the DJ messing around with them.

The advantage is that the tools are there if I need them. As the saying goes - it's better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

A Man and His Music wrote :
I would not recommend the American Audio VMS series

Ditto. I bought the original VMS4 when it first came out. I will never buy an American Audio product again. :-(


Posté Sat 13 Jan 18 @ 8:08 am
Groovin, I'm still using the MC6000 for my mobile gig, simple because I have built a custom case, and have 2 spares for parts. The SZ2 or RZX will be my last controller. I don't need either of them, but I do want the RZX, even though it is way too big, and I am fading into the sunset. But not right away, got to go to sleep now, covering the day shift in the strip club. Later.

Posté Sat 13 Jan 18 @ 8:25 am
Think Best is look here :

VDJ 8 Controller:

VDJ 7.4.7 Pro Full Controller:

VDJ 8 Soundcards:

I Think a MIDI Mixer is nice Too for you ,BuT i don't know a good Modell.

Iself begann in 83 ' with MixIng on 2x Technics 1210 and some good old analog Mixer we LEM DM 82 and Pro Acoustics HQ 7 U .
Have this Mixers and some other Old Mixer ,and use this with 2x Old Dual CS 491 sometimes today in my DJ Setup by Vinyl Oldies Partys.
Sometimes i use this Too with a externAl Soundcards .

By this Partys you make think the VMS 2 ,VMS 4.1 and VMS 5 is Too Small,BuT the Buildin Soundcard is good.
The VMS4 is not so good,we the other VMS Modell.

Better you Work with Stuff like renommics Marks ala Pioneer, Denon,Vestax,Allen&Heath and so on.


Posté Sun 14 Jan 18 @ 8:17 am