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Sujet PodCast
I can broadcast here just fine but I can't create a PodCast. As soon as I hit the button within VDJ it stops and says it can not create the Podcast yet the title shows up here.

Can the web team take a look at this, please

Posté Tue 30 Jan 18 @ 3:17 am
Think thats on beta-build mac only (and we are aware of that if so, will be fixed)
If you use regular version its should be working fine.

Posté Tue 30 Jan 18 @ 12:47 pm
Ok I must have the newest public beta build so I’ll drop back down tonight.

Thanks for the info.

Posté Tue 30 Jan 18 @ 9:09 pm
Just dropped back down to the latest stable public build and everything is ok.

Thanks for the info....

Posté Wed 31 Jan 18 @ 4:23 am
Still no fix on the Mac side??

Posté Tue 13 Feb 18 @ 3:43 am
Still not working.

Posté Sat 17 Feb 18 @ 2:22 pm
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
Not sure what you expected without a new update?

Posté Sat 17 Feb 18 @ 2:56 pm
Thought we just got a new update??

Posté Sat 17 Feb 18 @ 5:27 pm
BUILD 4064 (2018-01-02)

unless your referring to betas no clue about those

Posté Sat 17 Feb 18 @ 6:07 pm
I don’t know, I’ll have to check because my MacBook just updated.

Posté Sat 17 Feb 18 @ 6:58 pm