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Sujet VDJ Won't leave my midi controller alone
Hi folks. I have a new Akai MPD218 midi controller. I bought it to use with SoundSwitch. I have it configured and when I start SoundSwitch it is working as intended.

However, as soon as I start up VDJ, the controller stops doing its intended functions.

I have read other threads and I set the controller to IGNORE. But it's not working. VDJ still stops the controller from working with SoundSwitch.

I am really bummed about this. Anyone have any advice?


Posté Wed 14 Feb 18 @ 5:53 am
No. I've used a novation launchpad with MyDMX on my laptop, while VDJ was running using another controller. So in general it should be possible

Posté Wed 14 Feb 18 @ 6:03 am
I hope others will chime in. I need to resolve this. I have also reached out to the Soundswitch folks to see if they can shed any light on this.

Posté Wed 14 Feb 18 @ 6:43 am
PachNPRO InfinityMember since 2009
Really just a guess: Have you tried to set "exclusiveAudioAccess" to No?

Posté Wed 14 Feb 18 @ 9:16 am
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
So its not working with your other program, but doesnt work with VDJ either,when u set it to ignore, right ?
Most likely its because VirtualDJ is forcing Programs 1 to 16 to specific settings (Midi/CC notes, Channels, toggle/momentary etc) in order to properly work with all 16 Programs. This means that the Program # you were using to control Soundswitch is probably different now (different notes etc).
Have you kept the MPD Program settings to your computer ? If so, you could re-load it from the MPD Editor application. If not, then you can do the following...
- re-create the Program # (using the Editor) and based on the MIDI specifications that SW is using
- re-program SW with the new Notes/CC
- contact AKAI to get the factory default Programs.(they are not available at any public page unfortunately.)

EDIT. Just found the factory presets at my HD (were sent from AKAI).. Try to load them to your unit via the Editor. Editor can be found at the Downloads section of this page

And just because you may wonder why VDJ had to force some custom Programs, is because the default Programs were outputting all kind of MIDI Notes/CC in various channels and without any specific pattern, so the same MIDI note was offered in 2nd Pad of Program 1 , on 6th Pad of Program 8 etc. So if you were trying to use MPD218 with VDJ, you would end up to assign one Pad of a Program page to do something and you would get the same action on another Program on a different Pad and that would be a mess !

Posté Wed 14 Feb 18 @ 11:56 am
Thank you for the response. I will do some further testing this morning. Just to be clear, I haven't even tried to use the controller with VDJ. I purchased it exclusively to use with SoundSwitch. I do know that when the controller is NOT set to ignore in VDJ, it seems to work with VDJ, although all I tested was triggering a couple of samples and that was completely by accident when I first got the controller and did not know yet about the IGNORE function :-).

Posté Wed 14 Feb 18 @ 4:38 pm
After some further testing I have noticed that a few times the controller would stop working in SoundSwitch and when I looked in VDJ the controller was still set to IGNORE on the right but it didn't indicate DISABLED anymore on the left and in fact it was working with VDJ which is never what I want right now. Why would that happen?

Posté Wed 14 Feb 18 @ 6:26 pm
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006

Posté Thu 15 Feb 18 @ 9:31 am
Rob, I just bought the MPD218 for use with SS, but I can't even get SS to recognise the device. ItWhen I plug in the controller, SS recognises that it's there, but there's a "0" next to the name where I'm pretty sure there should be a "Port A" or similar. Any ideas?

Also using VDJ set to ignore the Akai - will let you know of my experiences. VDJ immediately mapped my samples to the Akai.

Posté Wed 21 Feb 18 @ 9:20 am
I found that other software I use would also try to grab the controller. I use Virtual DJ, MyDMX, Pangolin QuickShow, and SS. I had to update the settings in VDJ, MyDMX, and QuickShow before SS could get control of the device. Also, with the MPD218, I could never read from the device to load the presets. I could write to the device but the read from device command would never work. My only advice is that something else running on your machine is grabbing control. I actually updated to the MPD226 and I like it a lot more than the 218. No issues with reading and writing to the device (once I configure all of my other software to leave it alone), faders as well knobs, 4 banks of pads instead of 3, LCD to see all settings right from the device, and only $100 more than the 218.

Posté Wed 21 Feb 18 @ 5:16 pm