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Sujet Novation Launchpad Pro
What is the status of adding the Novation Launchpad Pro?

Posté 7 days ago @ 3:02 am
It looks like it's included in the latest EA build

Posté 6 days ago @ 9:34 am
Just noticed: It's also on the list of recently added controllers:

Posté 6 days ago @ 9:35 am
klausmogensen wrote :
Just noticed: It's also on the list of recently added controllers:

Thank you for the update. I was online last night and it didn’t come thru so I’ll have to check tomorrow!


Posté 5 days ago @ 3:27 am
When will this build be available to the channel? I cannot find it.

Posté 5 days ago @ 7:49 pm
enable early access in options if u want it now :-)

Posté 5 days ago @ 8:33 pm
Thank you!

Posté 17 hours ago
Latest Build shows it in the list but when I connect the Launchpad Pro I get (3) Options

2-Launchpad Pro (custom mapping)
MIDIIN2 - (2-Launchpad Pro) (custom mapping)
MIDIIN3 - (2-Launchpad Pro) (custom mapping)

there isn't anything mapped in any of these selections

Posté 17 hours ago
deleted the lines out of the settings xml and then reconnected the Launchpad Pro and got this set of lines

<controller name="SIMPLE_MIDI_4661_81" mapper="SIMPLE_MIDI_4661_81 - custom mapping" />

Its not seeing the Launchpad Pro correctly?

Posté 16 hours ago
I am connected to the USB Port of the Laptop with the Power Adaptor plugged in!

Posté 16 hours ago
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005

Posté 14 hours ago
Here are the images from my machine

Hope this helps!

Also, I appreciate your interest in helping me get this fixed!

Posté 8 hours ago
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
OK, we see the problem. We will come up with a solution and email you shortly.

FYI, unfortunately we had to base the detection on the driver name, which appears that under some circumstances, Windows add a number before the name of the device, so yours got detected as 2-LaunchPad Pro instead of just LaunchPad Pro, thus was not detected.
As we cant reproduce this at will (no matter what, our unit doesnt get this 2- number), please keep your setup as is, to confirm fix with the test Build we will send you.
thanks for reporting.

Posté an hour ago