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Sujet Name of the id3tag for Cue points?
My workflow is to process files in Platinum Notes and Mixed in Key. Mixed in Key adds cue points inside the mp3 file and I successfully import them to VDJ - all works great and I am happy with it.
However, I would like to edit them in bulk using the software Mp3tag before importing them to VDJ. I need to know the name of the id3tag as it is a non-standard tag and it does not show in the Mp3tag software.
I found out the name of the id3tag that MiK uses for Energy (it's "contentgroup"), but I would also like to identify the id3tag for cue points. I tried to search all day today but I couldn't find it. Could some of the developers check which id3tag VDJ reads when importing the cue points from Mik?

Posté Sun 19 Jun 22 @ 8:44 pm
virtual dj cues are not stored in the tags
only serato does that and mixed in key can do it for serato

it uses GEOB tags and i don't know of any tag software that allows you to edit those

Posté Sun 19 Jun 22 @ 9:22 pm
And VirtualDj (if set) can import the Serato hotcues.
That's how MIK energy hotcues end up being displayed in VirtualDj

Posté Sun 19 Jun 22 @ 9:26 pm
Thanks a lot for the clear information.

Posté Mon 20 Jun 22 @ 5:18 am
Just FYI: I was able to extract the GEOB tags with the exiftool SW into a txt file. I am not able to read them (the export is binary) and also not possible to write them.

Posté Tue 21 Jun 22 @ 6:39 am
I'm not familiar with the format of the cue points, but I can chime in that GEOB tags are a royal PITA. I've had to write software that manages them for import into Sony (now Magix) Vegas and it took me two weeks of reverse engineering to figure them out.

Posté Wed 29 Jun 22 @ 6:57 am