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Sujet bcd2000 + vdj 4.1 r2 mic not workin - Page: 1
i've been tryin to use the BCD2000 w/ vdj 4.1 r2 but the microfone doesn't not work.., it works fine w/ the B-DJ software but it doesn't w/ the virtual dj software,, i don't have a mixer or turntables,,, just the computer n the bcd2000.... if anyone know how to fix that prob,,,, plz repost or email me at --@--.--,, thx very much

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Posté Mon 22 Jan 07 @ 10:38 pm
sbangsPRO InfinityMember since 2004
please update to the latest demo

4.2 the mic is only supported in wmd mode

Posté Mon 22 Jan 07 @ 10:57 pm

I also own a BCD 2000 and have updated my VD to 4.2.
Could you please tell me where i choose to run my unit on the wmd mode ?

It would be great to get the mic working.

Is their any falls in running in wmd mode ?

Any Help Would Be Alsome!!!!!!!!!!

Posté Fri 26 Jan 07 @ 11:33 am
sbangsPRO InfinityMember since 2004
shoud be on the bcd2000 control pannel a button for wmd

you cannot use timecode that is all for that you need asio

Posté Fri 26 Jan 07 @ 2:12 pm
teeoHome userMember since 2006
Did anyone get the mic working, I still have no sound from the mic?

I have set the BCD controlpanel to:
Global Mode: B-DJ
VDM/MME - Mic is highligted - Record select: In A

Firmware 1.3
USB driver:
ASIO driver:
VDM driver:

Posté Tue 06 Feb 07 @ 5:50 pm
ciocePRO InfinityMember since 2004
BCD2000 can work only in ASIO mode with Virtual DJ (and with all of the other Dj software) because for prelisten is necessary to have two different stereo signal, WDM 2+2 is not supported in BCD2000 fucking driver.

Also Mic is not supported in ASIO mode, maybe new BCD3000 will solve this problem.

Posté Wed 07 Feb 07 @ 1:38 pm
sbangsPRO InfinityMember since 2004
as you can see the drivers upset many :(

Posté Wed 07 Feb 07 @ 1:44 pm
Don't blame Behringer for this one. Blame Virtual Dj for refusing to support it in ASIO mode. They can do it but Numark might get upset if they did.

Posté Fri 09 Feb 07 @ 2:01 am
teeoHome userMember since 2006
So this actually is a question about copyright ???

How come other software like djdecks and other support mic?

Posté Fri 09 Feb 07 @ 6:09 pm
ciocePRO InfinityMember since 2004
Only djdecks support MIC with BCD2000.

Posté Fri 09 Feb 07 @ 6:11 pm
teeoHome userMember since 2006
djdecks - Mic tested OK
b-dj - Mic tested OK
Futuredecks PRO - Mic tested OK

I have them all, but I would like to use VDJ with mic.

I have a Hercules DJConsole but bought a BCD2000 recently.

Posté Fri 09 Feb 07 @ 11:58 pm
tanziPRO InfinityMember since 2005
Look at digitalmdj's post: he's got the point, nothing more to say!

Posté Sat 10 Feb 07 @ 12:43 am
sbangsPRO InfinityMember since 2004
they are aware of the problem and i belive are looking into it

Posté Sat 10 Feb 07 @ 12:59 am
Virtual Dj has been able to add the mic feature for a long time . But they say it will cause problems with their time coded vinyl . Well that is just hog wash and a excuse not to do anything about it. Just accept the fact they are not going to add this feature and be done with it. This way you can decide if Virtual Dj it right for you. They have been looking into this for several years now and have done nothing to add the feature.

Posté Sat 10 Feb 07 @ 2:27 am
tanziPRO InfinityMember since 2005
Wow sky, sometimes i wish to have your optimism. They are looking into it ....... since when?
As i remember dev team said they are "looking into it" already in V3.4.

1 complete new release and 4 Updates since then. How deep will they have to "look into it" until we get support for Asio-Mic?!

Sorry sky if i dont share your optimism but i dont believe that we'll ever get this feature.
Same for real Line-In for CD-Players etc.

Posté Sat 10 Feb 07 @ 3:58 am
teeoHome userMember since 2006
Then if it's really so, VDJ is not for me. I need my Mic in my radioshows :-(

Posté Sat 10 Feb 07 @ 1:57 pm

Correct me if I'm wrong, but BCD2000 mic works with VDJ in WDM mode, right?
VDJ supports mic in WDM mode, but not asio.

So if you run BCD2000 in WDM mode, and enable the mic in, as standard mic in Windows, it should work good.

Virtual DJ has always just supported WDM mic, and never asio mic. There are no other devices (that I know of), that uses asio mic, as its really a weird design. It should be regular mic in, just as all other soundcards have (your PC soundcard, Hercules etc etc etc)

But Dev Team said that they had no plans rewriting VDJ at the moment of 4.0 release to compensate for Behringers BCD2000 driver design. At that time.

Maybe VirtualDJ will rewrite a bunch of code to make it possible, but it was NOT at the top list of needed development for 4.0... Please understand that VirtualDJ has other path to take FIRST, before fixing mic on BCD2000...
These where:
- Making a new better soundengine
- Making a new better timecode engine
- Making improved FX midi commands
- Making a mac version
and lots more...

VDJ is not payed by Behringer, nor get any sell bonus from Behringer, for the BCD2000, so you cant expect to have same level of dedicated development as B-DJ, that is made for the console.

But I do hope there is time real soon for a mic fix too.

I just hope you see that it was not nr1 priority, yet...


Posté Sat 10 Feb 07 @ 3:45 pm
Norway You have known for a long time that Behringer only has a ASIO driver. Why do you act like it is new news to you. You are a car salesman at best . Not a very good one at that. You must have a list of excuses that you use over and over again.

Posté Sun 11 Feb 07 @ 5:46 am

Ask Behringer to make a driver that supports WDM mic.
Its not VDJ fault that it does not.

VDJ have never supported asio mic, but maybe it will in time.
Its not nr1 priority, and its really weird design by Behringer to make the mic at the line-ins in asio. is the official software for Behringer, and not VirtualDJ.

VirtualDJ have added support for the Behringer as a controller, totally free for all.
Mic asio support might be added too, but please understand that there are more important development tasks that had to be given more focus, such as the current mac development.

If you dont understand that Digitdj, go back to Xylio forum.. You seem quite popular there.. with all your negative complaints.

Posté Sun 11 Feb 07 @ 2:25 pm
teeoHome userMember since 2006
For me it's a question about buying VDJ if the mic problem get's solved.
I used VDJ with no problems with my Hercules DJConsole, but I dont have the Hercules no more.
So, all I beg for is a program that does the job along with my BCD2000.

I get shocked when a VDJ team member (dj-in-norway) says:

"If you dont understand that Digitdj, go back to Xylio forum.. You seem quite popular there.. with all your negative complaints."

That didn't sound professional to me...actually it scared me.

Posté Sun 11 Feb 07 @ 3:17 pm
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