Hardware Manuals

Pioneer DJ - DDJ-FLX6 - Disposition  

Front - Rear

  1. HEADPHONES CONNECTOR. Connect your headphones. Both sizes (3.5mm and 6.35mm ( 1⁄4 in)) are offered.

  2. HEADPHONES LEVEL. Adjust the Headphones (CUE) Output Volume

  3. HEADPHONES MIX. Use this knob to blend in Headphones the audio signal from the Master Output and the Decks that are sent to Headphones Channel via the CUE/PFL buttons. When the knob is at the minimum position, only the Decks that have been selected with the CUE/PFL buttons (at the top panel) will be heard in Headphones. When the same knob is at the maximum (right) position, only the signal from the Master Output will be heard in Headphones.
    Please note that under any case for Master Output to be heard in headphones you must press the MASTER CUE (12) button on top panel as well.

  4. MIC LEVEL. Adjust the Volume of the Microphone Input. Please note that this operation is controlled by DDJ-FLX6 firmware (hardware operation)

  5. MASTER OUT: Master signal output connectors (RCA – Unbalanced). Use it to connect with another mixer, or consumer grade amplifier.

  6. BOOTH OUT: Booth signal output (RCA – Unbalanced). The strength of the signal is controlled by BOOTH MONITOR knob (13) on the mixer section. Use it to connect your booth speakers, or an amp that needs different sound output level than master output.

  7. MIC INPUT. Connect your MIC and adjust it's gain by turning the ATT (attenuator) knob. Please note that the sound of the microphone is routed to the master by the DDJ-FLX6 firmware and it's not part of the USB sound bus. This means that the sound of the microphone cannot be routed on VirtualDJ and therefore it cannot be used to broadcast, nor it can be recorded.

  8. USB CONNECTOR: Use a standard USB cable to connect DDJ-FLX6 with your computer.