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Pioneer DJ - DDJ-REV1 - Disposition  

Front & Rear

  1. HEADPHONES CONNECTOR. Connect your headphones.

  2. USB CONNECTOR: Use a standard USB cable to connect DDJ-REV1 with your computer.

  3. MASTER OUT: Master signal output connectors (RCA – Unbalanced). Use it to connect with another mixer, or consumer grade amplifier.

  4. MIC INPUT. Connect your MIC.

  5. MIC LEVEL/GAIN. Adjust the gain of the MIC input. Please note that the sound of the microphone is routed to the master by the DDJ-REV1 firmware and it's not part of the USB sound bus. This means that the sound of the microphone cannot be routed directly on VirtualDJ.
    However the device offers a special "Record Loopback" channel instead that's used on the default audio setup and it allows the sound of the unit to be recorded and/or broadcasted.

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