Hardware Manuals

Pioneer DJ - DDJ-REV1 - Disposition  

Mixer & EQ

  1. CROSSFADER. Blends audio and video between the left and right channels.

  2. VOLUME. Adjust the Volume of each channel.

  3. VU METER. Indicate the Pre-Fader output level of the Left/Right channels.

  4. CUE (PFL). Press these buttons to send each channel to the Headphones Output channel

  5. MASTER CUE (PFL). Send the Master Output of the unit to the Headphones Output channel. Please note that in order to hear only the Master Output on your headphones you must also turn off deck PFL buttons.

  6. COLOR FX PARAMETER. Adjust the parameter of the selected COLOR FX for left/right channel. When in middle position, the COLOR FX has no effect on the sound. You can select a different COLOR FX from VirtualDJ GUI. Default is filter

  7. LOW EQ. Adjust the Low frequencies for left/right channel.

  8. MID EQ. Adjust the Mid frequencies for left/right channel.

  9. HI EQ. Adjust the High frequencies for left/right channel.

  10. TRIM. Adjust the Gain of left/right channel.

  11. HEADPHONES VOLUME. Adjust the level of the Headphones Output channel

  12. MASTER VOLUME. Adjust the level of the Master Output channel

    TIP: You can hold down SHIFT button while operating the volume channel faders or the crossfader to automatically start/stop the decks playback (fader start)