Hardware Manuals

Pioneer DJ - DDJ-SR2 - Disposition  


The 8 RGB Pads offer various functions, depending on the selected Pad mode. Each of the 4 Pad mode buttons offers 2 modes (hold SHIFT and then press the PAD MODE button to access the additional mode). The modes represent a page of the PADS section on the default VirtualDJ GUI.
An additional (hardware) TRANS mode is available when the ROLL mode button is pressed for more than 2 seconds.

  1. PADS: The 8 Pads offer different functionality depending on the selected mode. See next chapters for further details.

  2. PAD MODE: Press any of the 4 available Pad mode buttons to set the Pads to Hotcues, Loop Roll, Slicer or Sampler mode.
    Hold SHIFT down and then press one of the 4 Pad mode buttons to set the Pads to CueLoop, Saved Loop, Beatjump and KeyCue mode.
    Hold the ROLL mode button for more than 2 seconds to select the hardware TRANS mode.
    All 9 available Pad modes are explained in details in the next chapters

  3. PARAMETER: These buttons control the Parameters of the selected Pad mode.