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Pioneer DJ - DDJ-SR2 - Disposition - Pads  

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Hold SHIFT and then press the ROLL mode button to set the PADs to Saved Loops mode.

Saved Loops mode – Pioneer DDJ-SR2

Saved Loops pad page – VirtualDJ GUI

Each one of the 8 pad represents a slot to save and recall a loop.
Press a Pad to save (and trigger at the same time - if not already) a Loop at the current position.
Hold the same Pad down for more than 2 seconds to delete the saved loop from the slot.
When a Loop is saved to a slot, use the same Pad to load* (enable) the saved loop, but not jump to its position if the loop is saved to a later position than the current one (loop load and prepare).
Hold SHIFT and then use the same Pad to load* (enable) the saved loop, and jump to its position.

*Note that only 1 Loop can be enabled each time.

Use the PARAMETER buttons to half/double the size of the Loop.
Hold SHIFT and then use the PARAMETER buttons to move the Loop back/forth in time by 1 beat steps.

Read further details about Pads in the VirtualDJ 8 manual
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