Hardware Manuals

Rane - Sixty Two - Disposition  


This section controls the Output Channels 5 and 6 of the USB audio interface of the Rane Sixty-Two. By default VirtualDJ Sampler is routed to this Input

Note: Any USB (computer’s) output can be routed to the USB AUX channel and Sampler can then be routed to either left and right or Master decks. See Advanced Audio Setup.

  1. AUX-FLEXFX. Use this button to apply the FLEXFX Hardware Effects to the AUX Input (Sampler by default)

  2. AUX-FILTER. Use this knob to apply a High-Pass/Low-Pass Filter to the AUX Input (Sampler by default)

  3. AUX-LEVEL. Use this knob to adjust the level of the AUX Input (Sampler by default)