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Okay, I was wondering what songs I should mix together to get me more comfortable with Virtual DJ. I also would like to know what are some good songs to mix because it gives me more of an open mind about what songs I could mix in the near future. I'm looking for upbeat techno like DJ Splash and also slow songs I could mix together. Let me know, thanks.

Posté Tue 08 Mar 11 @ 11:58 am
djnutzPRO InfinityMember since 2006
The song doesn't matter. Just pick any song and load it on to both decks. Practicing by mixing a song into itself will help train your ear to hear a good mix vs a not so good one.

Also, YOU DON'T HAVE TO BEAT MIX!!!! Song selection is WAY more important than beatmixing. Unless your name is Tiesto, Deadmau5, Etc, your are gonna have to research your crowd you plan to play for and make sure you can actually pick the right songs to play. The big names like those mentioned can show up and play whatever they please and people will come to watch. But I can guarantee you that at one point they started just like you.

Sometimes a fade transition will work better, especially if the song you are mixing has a slow intro/outro.



Then when you think you have it down, practice some more. THEN you can try mixing two different songs together. If you can't mix, don't do it live. A crowd rarely notices a smooth beatmix. But toss them a mix that should like a pair of shoes in the dryer and they WILL notice.

Posté Tue 08 Mar 11 @ 12:14 pm
Thank you very much! This actually helped out a lot. I usually get really bad answers, but you gave me a great one. The only other question I'd have is how would you transfer a song into another one and make it sound smooth and not all rough. Would you use a brake effect and transfer it over to the other song/disk?

Posté Tue 08 Mar 11 @ 12:20 pm
djnutzPRO InfinityMember since 2006
All you have to do is crossfade. You don't have to slam it over, just a nice smooth, quick transition.

Posté Tue 08 Mar 11 @ 12:34 pm
Okay cool. Thank you for the tips. I really appriciate it.

Posté Tue 08 Mar 11 @ 12:40 pm
BlulitePRO InfinityMember since 2009
you can also try undemixing...instead of fading, try leaving the fader in the middle and using the EQ and volume to bring in the next track.

Posté Fri 11 Mar 11 @ 6:19 pm
Im new to the dj world i love music ive learned pretty well how to transition radio versions songs but wanna learn how to start mixing songs together is it easier to mix a song with lyrics to beat or mix without lyrics

Posté Sat 12 Mar 11 @ 11:15 pm
Hey dudes,

I think the biggest thing for you to mix 'good' would be to put yourself in the situation if you were out in a crowd. So just think if i was out there, i would want a banging song to get me going or if its the start of a set, you would want one that builds up. And like that other bloke said, it all depends on your crowd, your not going to get much of a reaction from disco genre songs being played to a bunch of psy trance heads. Song choice is crucial.

Say you stuff up a crossfade (and yes you will need to crossfade!), you put the fader back again, and try that mix again, maybe in a slightly different way, try to think of what you did wrong, and just have fun with it. No way we all do this for just the money. I tell you i do it because i love it! Getting a nice smooth mix takes a hell of alot of practice, and thats the best bit about it. So keep practicing, and have fun mate. You'll get it mate don't give up, we all start somewhere.

If you really wanted easy easy stuff to mix in, try Deadmau5's stuff, or get two of the same track and try to mix them into each other at different points. Deadmau5 has these cds called At Play, i think there is 3 now, that are dj friendly tracks. I hope this all helps.

Posté Sun 20 Mar 11 @ 9:28 am
pseftPRO InfinityMember since 2009
(from djnuts) But toss them a mix that should like a pair of shoes in the dryer and they WILL notice.

LOL, i was drying my steel caps last week and the sound was very bad, but a good eg. it was.

and best way to mix is using EQ's, i do that and u dont lose sound quality.

Posté Mon 21 Mar 11 @ 2:30 am
djaponHome userMember since 2011
Hey actually very very very new for the DJ career...anyone could please willingly help me...plzzzz

Posté Sat 20 Aug 11 @ 3:05 am
Music has always been a passion of mine and to me, it would seem pretty easy to dj, especially if you know what music goes together. but since im a beginner i was wondering if anyone has any tips that can help learn the process? or just any advice (:

Posté Wed 26 Oct 11 @ 3:07 am
djnutz's example is a very good one the first mix i ever did was with the same song just mixing it into itslf and add a phaser, flanger and a beatgrid's good aswell

Posté Thu 02 Aug 12 @ 4:00 pm
ZablarPRO InfinityMember since 2011

Posté Sun 05 Aug 12 @ 6:05 pm
jeenamHome userMember since 2012

Posté Tue 08 Jan 13 @ 3:42 am

Posté Thu 24 Jan 13 @ 7:25 am
DJrhymHome userMember since 2013
Best songs for a mix: Titanium and Rolling the Deep. Its both great songs you can use.

Posté Sun 27 Jan 13 @ 5:22 pm
will one of you sent me some songs (acapella) or (instrumental) that i can mix?

Posté Sat 09 Feb 13 @ 4:13 pm
No, because that would be illegal.

Posté Sun 10 Feb 13 @ 7:34 am
You could always mix songs by Skrillex some good ones to mix are bangarang with reptiles theme and also right in and wont you be by nero mix together perfectly!

Posté Fri 15 Feb 13 @ 10:15 pm
can someone help me what are to good song from are generation that are good to mix

Posté Sun 03 Mar 13 @ 5:25 pm
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