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Sujet Down Arrow out of search box
CueItUpPRO InfinityMember since 2014
For years my workflow typically is to type my search, and without hitting return, use the down arrow to select the track I want. I then use the 'A' key to add the track to my Automix list. In at least the last 2 builds, this is no longer working as it was. After pressing the down arrow (which still scrolls through the tracks) another key press, in this case 'A' moves the cursor back into the search box and adds that letter to the search. I can only use the 'A' key to add to automix after pressing return in the search box.

Build 6541 is the last build I know for sure didn't have this issue.

Posté Sun 16 Jan 22 @ 9:40 pm
The default keyboard mapping has changed for quite some time now.
However, you can revert back to old one from the mappers tab in settings.

That being said, I would strongly advise you to learn more about the new keyboard mapping and the way it now works as it can enhance your workflow by a lot.

Simply put, all alphabetic letters on the new mapper will initiate an instant search.
The shortcuts for other tasks have now been moved to ALT+ layer
Also, if you hold ALT button down, you should see the new shortcuts on your browser area.
If pressing ALT+ something is too much trouble for you to load the song on the automix, you can still remap the new keyboard mapper to add that function on any key you like.

Posté Sun 16 Jan 22 @ 11:53 pm
CueItUpPRO InfinityMember since 2014
I am on a custom mapping, have been for as long as I can remember, and verified that I still am.

The only time the press of a single letter puts me back into the search box is after I have used the down arrow to leave the search box and choose a song. I use the "A" key to add the song to my AutoMix list and that puts me back in the search box. (Actually from appearance it looks like the cursor never leaves the search box even though I'm scrolling through my songs with the up/down arrows.) Any other time I press the "A" key it will add the song to my automix list.

So, from what I can see the glitch is actually that the down arrow isn't taking the cursor out of the search box like it used to.

Just tested this in 6800 and it's still doing it. Back to 6541 I go.

Posté Mon 31 Jan 22 @ 12:56 am
I am using 6800 and cannot reproduce your concern.

Double check the mapping you have for your custom KB mapping of the "A" key.

And as Phantom has so clearly mentioned.. the new "default KB" map, is configured so all letter keys, enter data into the search field, saving much time, no need to mouse or select that area first before typing your search.

And if one uses the "legacy KB" mapping then the Letter, key strokes are NOT directed to the search field.

The New default KB mapping, yes that seems to be what you are describing with your concern. (will direct all unmapped KB letters to the search field)

So double check your current mapping for the letter A.
I cannot reproduce your concern and I find 6800 works perfectly as described by Phantom.

And love the new KB mapping.

I am happy to help, to test, or verify a concern.


Re-read your concern with the use of the arrows.. and Yes .. with the "legacy KB" map, the arrows keys do NOT remove the focus from the search field.

One needs to click outside the search field (and browser), to allow, in your case the "A" key to use its mapping.
(and do not know if this is case of previous builds, since didn't install those for testing)


Posté Mon 31 Jan 22 @ 1:52 pm
CueItUpPRO InfinityMember since 2014
My keyboard mapping works as expected in every other instance and the A key does what it’s supposed to unless using the down arrow to leave the search box. I don’t need this new mapping as I have the S key programmed to put me into the search box and that works for me. I have several single key presses set to do things and I wouldn’t want to give that up.

I can assure you that in builds 6541 and precious the down arrow takes the focus out of the search box. I’ve been doing it for years and keep returning to that build because it works properly in this regard.

Posté Mon 31 Jan 22 @ 2:15 pm