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Pioneer DJ - DDJ-SX3 - Disposition - Pads  


Hold SHIFT and then press the ROLL mode button to set the PADs to Saved Loops mode. The led of the ROLL button will be lit in green

Saved Loops mode – Pioneer DDJ-SX3

Saved Loops pad page – VirtualDJ GUI

Each one of the 8 pad represents a slot to save and recall a loop.
Press a Pad to save (and trigger at the same time - if not already) a Loop at the current position.
Hold the same Pad down for more than 2 seconds to delete the saved loop from the slot.
When a Loop is saved to a slot, use the same Pad to load* (enable) the saved loop, but not jump to its position if the loop is saved to a later position than the current one (loop load and prepare).
Hold SHIFT and then use the same Pad to load* (enable) the saved loop, and jump to its position.

*Note that only 1 Loop can be enabled each time.

Use the PARAMETER buttons to half/double the size of the Loop.
Hold SHIFT and then use the PARAMETER buttons to move the Loop back/forth in time by 1 beat steps.

Read further details about Pads in the VirtualDJ 8 manual
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