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Pioneer DJ - DDJ-SZ2 - Disposition - Pads  


Hold SHIFT down and then press the HOTCUE button to set the PADs to Cue Loop mode.

Cue Loop mode – Pioneer DDJ-SZ2
Cue Loop pad page – VirtualDJ GUI

In this mode each one of the 8 pads assigns a Hot Cue Point or jumps the track to that Hot Cue Point, but in both cases, it also triggers a Loop (momentary or toggle depending on the selected mode from the Page menu).
By default the Cue Loops will be quantized. This can be turned off/on from the Page Menu on the GUI.
Hold SHIFT and then press a pad to stutter/jump to the Hotcue (loop will remain triggered)

Use the PARAMETER buttons to half/double the size of the triggered Loop.
Hold SHIFT and then use the PARAMETER buttons to select the On/Off (Toggle) or Hold (momentary) Loop trigger mode.

Read further details about Pads in the VirtualDJ 8 manual
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