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Pioneer DJ - DDJ-SZ2 - Disposition - Pads  


Hold HOT CUE mode button down for more than one second to set the PADs to Remix Points mode.

Remix Points mode – Pioneer DDJ-SZ2
Remix Points pad page – VirtualDJ GUI

This mode offers the first 8 Remix Points of the loaded track. Remix Points are automatically defined from VirtualDJ, once the track is analyzed. Remix points can be managed from the POI Editor (more can be added/adjusted/deleted). They usually represent End/Start points of track’s blocks depending on the structure of the track and are always quantized when triggered.
The Remix points will be visible on the Song-position progress of the GUI (with white markers) once the Remix Points Pad page is selected.

Read further details about Pads in the VirtualDJ 8 manual
Read further details about Remix Points in the VirtualDJ 8 manual