User Manual

Interface - Browser  

file info

The File Info area displays information of the focused track in the File List or Sideview. The panel offers a preview player, cover art, adjustable information fields, and an options menu.

  1. PREVIEW PLAYER. Click on the Play button to play-pause the Prelisten Player or click inside the progress bar to prelisten to any part of the track. By default the Prelisten Player will use the headphones output. A security message will be displayed in case no headphones output is configured in the Audio Setup.

    An additional menu option will be offered if no Master or Headphones are configured in the Audio Setup (External Mixer setup). In this case choose Automatic if you want VirtualDJ to output the Prelisten Player to the selected deck or choose any of the available outputs if you wish to send the Prelisten Player to a specific deck output.

  2. COVER ART. Displays the cover art of the file in focus. If a video file is selected, the cover art will be replaced with the video preview of that selected file.

  3. DURATION, BPM, KEY & RATING. Displays the the tracks analyzed time, BPM and Key. A rating out of 5 stars is also displayed. The rating can be set or changed directly in the panel by hovering over the stars and clicking on the chosen value.

  4. FIELDS. Displays the selected display fields for the entire panel. Fields can be selected/deselected in the Info Options Menu.

    Some fields (if selected to be displayed) have additional properties:

    When Color is selected, it can also be used to set the track's color.

    If the year field is empty, it can be clicked on to look up information in Discogs

    Last Play or Play Count
    Can be clicked to look up History or Playlists.

    Displays the Key Match Checkmark (same as Browser) to show if the song is compatible with the current playing track.

  5. INFO OPTIONS. Click on this button to reveal the panel's options menu:


    Show prelisten control
    Show or hide the prelisten player from the info panel

    Stop on Change
    Stop the track playing once a new track is highlighted in the browser. With the option unchecked, any track highlighted will continually play without touching the play button.

    Start from 50%
    Starts previewing the track at the half way point. The value can be adjusted by right-clicking the position in the preview player to set it to a different value (25%, 75%, etc).

    Manages the visible Database fields of the Info window