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Liste de dossier

The Folder List offers all of the basic drive and folder elements of your Computer, some dedicated VirtualDJ folders, along with some popular 3rd party software folders. The main folders are compressed for better organization by default. Clicking on the button to the left of any folder will expand it and show it's related sub-folders.


These folders are native to the computer you are using so that you can access content from anywhere on your machine:



This folder provides the ability to prepare and save high quality stems.



Folders can be re-ordered by dragging and dropping them with your mouse. When a folder is being moved, a red line will appear indicating it's current position and it's status in the folder list:

Indicates that a folder will display in the main folder list (not nested).

Indicates that the folder will become a sub-folder of the folder you are in (nested).

Right-click on any folder to use additional functions:
Folders can also be hidden by right-clicking the specified folder and selecting "hide". All hidden folders can be reset to visible by clicking on Reset Root Folders from the Browser Options in the Side Toolbar.

Opens a context menu displaying the folder path and provides the ability to assign colors to a folder.
Liste de Fichiers