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Mode Sandbox

Sandbox is a feature that puts VirtualDJ into a "test" mode to experiment with the upcoming mix in advance without disturbing what the audience is actually hearing. This feature is available in Essentials and Pro layouts. While in Sandbox Mode, VirtualDJ moves the master output to the Top Section of the interface into the Sandbox Deck (beside the Layout Selection) to give a visual output of the master outputs current position. While in Sandbox Mode, the rest of the software controls can be manipulated and adjusted without affecting the master output. The audio being experimented with will only be audible through the PFL if a headphone channel has been created in the Audio Setup.

Sandbox Disengaged

Sandbox Engaged

To activate click on the Sandbox button. The waveform will load into the Sandbox deck and will continue to play from it’s current position.

    With the software in Sandbox Mode the track can now be manipulated by jumping positions with the playhead, crossfading between decks, EQ or filter, apply effects, add hot cues or apply loops, etc. with the preview of these alterations only playing through the PFL.

  1. Indicates the manipulated or test position of the track heard through the PFL

  2. Indicates the actual position of the audible track being heard by the audience (master output)

Once Sandbox is disabled, the track in the active deck will jump back to it’s current playing position from the Sandbox Deck without interrupting the master output as if nothing happened.

Sandbox will not operate in the following cases:
  • The Audio Setup is not configured as master + headphones
  • Already in the middle of a mix (more than one song is playing out on Master).
  • Effects, samples or loops playing on the "active" deck.
  • A Video file is playing in the active deck

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