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 Backup your music collection

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Q. Should I backup my music collection?

It is very important that you backup your entire music collection and any other files that are important to you.

Computer hard disks can fail, get corrupted, wiped by a virus, etc. or your computer itself may get damaged, lost or stolen.

If you lose your music collection it will cost you a lot of money to replace it and you may lose gigs due to not having the music that you need to perform them. You will also lose all the hard work that went into organizing your music collection.

Make sure that you copy your backup to DIFFERENT media from what you normally use (E.g: A backup external hard disk) and preferably keep it in a separate location. Keeping two separate backups is advisable (One to take with you to your gig for emergency use, and another to keep at home.)

File synchronization utilities can help make it easier to backup your music collection to other drives, ensuring that each copy is kept in sync with the master.

Backups need to be updated regularly to ensure that you do not loose new content that you have added or any changes that you have made.

Please also ensure that you backup your VirtualDJ database if the information (BPM, comments, etc.) contained in it is important to you.

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